Vitamin is not medicine , a similarity that has misunderstood many people.

Vitamin is not medicine ”, a similarity that has misunderstood many people.The human body has various substances in the body such as proteins, sugars, vitamins and minerals. To getting enough “vitamins” to meet the body’s needs is essential. Because vitamins can help maintain and restore health without affecting the function of the liver and kidneys, different from the “drug”.  Which if used continuously. It can have negative effects on the liver and kidneys. This article there are interesting information about vitamins and drugs from ufabet team.

The difference of “vitamin” and “drug”

Many people may misunderstand that drugs and vitamins are necessary for the body as well. But in reality, medicine is something that the body does not have. The body is unable to produce drugs on their own, so they are not necessary in a normal state of the body. Pain relief Which the drug has a fast action Can suppress symptoms different from taking supplements that will help nourish and restore the body.

Correct dosing principles

When we have taken the medicine until we get better Must stop taking the drug If lost and continued to take medications, it can have negative health effects as most drugs are made from chemicals. If used regularly and more than necessary After all, a buildup may occur in the body. And adversely affect the liver and kidneys

It is something that the body can not live without.

There  are substances that are already present in the human body. And is essential that the body can not live without. If there is a lack of vitamins. The body will immediately show the abnormality. And when the body has symptoms of various disorders A blood test can be made to look for the cause of the vitamin deficiency. And taking vitamin supplements

Vitamin is not medicine
  • Water-soluble include vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, and vitamin C. This type of vitamin can stay in the body for 2-4 hours, the rest from being absorbed to use. Will excrete through the kidneys By urinating sure enough, vitamins dissolved in water. Will have very little chance to accumulate in the body Therefore rarely have side effects
  • Fat-soluble  vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K, which are fat-soluble for absorption into the body. Therefore unable to excreat through urine. If you get too many of these vitamins may store in the body. People who take this vitamin should have some time to stop eating. So as not to accumulate too much in the body .