Kroos insists boos from Saudi fans had no effect.

Toni Kroos insists booing from Saudi fans during the Supercopa de Espana final against Barcelona did not affect him.

Real Madrid’s German midfielder Toni Kroos has confirmed that. The booing of Saudi fans during the Supercopa de Espana match came after the 34-year-old criticized the transfer. Making a living in the Middle East, especially young players like Gabriel Beiga. According to a report from ‘Deario AS’ last Wednesday ทางเข้า UFABET 

‘It’s something new and exciting too. That was some new experience that I had never experienced before. But I don’t want to miss it,’ Kroos said.

‘I didn’t expect it at all. I didn’t think it was booing at me either. The background is that I don’t think it’s good for young players coming into the league. and give up on the development of big, high-level games in Europe which they can definitely play. Instead of the Saudi League for the money. Those were my words at the time. And about half a year ago For me it’s forgotten.’

‘I heard some booing in the first half against Barcelona. At first I didn’t think they were targeting me. But I realized, ‘Oh this is for you, just for you.’ I can say from the bottom of my heart that it didn’t bother me or affect the way I played. On the contrary, it was quite fun.’