What is the Carnivore Diet?

          Carnivore Diet is a weight loss formula. Focusing on eating all kinds of meat, eggs, milk, butter, yogurt, spices, pepper, salt, herbs. Such as turmeric without eating any plant-based foods, vegetables, fruits. Which the CD weight loss formula is not a new way. There is a medical

What is an emergency contraceptive pills?

The emergency contraceptives or emergency contraceptive pills. It is a drug that is taken after sex. To prevent unwanted pregnancy due to Unexpected Or unwanted sex unprotected sex sexual harassment. Improper birth control methods health Birth control failure, such as a broken condom, etc. The difference between taking birth control pills vs emergency

Insomnia problems.

 Most insomnia problems are caused by stress. nervousness or deep psychological problems. Especially sadness or feelings of loss. Can you believe that our lack of sleep. Our brain thinking non-stop often will affect our overall health? and can eventually lead to chronic insomnia so with concern. We has brought a way to

Signs stress that tell us to take a break.

Whether studying, working, these things can create stress, pressure for us. Most of them will gradually accumulate tiredness. Stress to our body and mind. To the point where we will send out a signal. If we have these 6 signals. We should hurry and take a break as soon

   Yoga for the elderly.

       Yoga is an exercise science that focuses on meditation along with relaxing muscles by stretching – stretching in various yoga postures. In addition, It is an exercise that helps to create balance and balance. Help restore various functions of the body to work more efficiently. As a

Tomato benefits.

Tomato is a type of fruit that is in the same family as eggplant. The color, size and appearance vary according to each species. But the most popular cultivar is the black tomato. and cherry tomatoes Tomatoes are rich in many healthy nutrients, especially vitamin C and lycopene, which are antioxidants

Food Allergy.

          Food Allergy. Human and eating It can be said that they are almost inseparable. Some people eat from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep. Different races make food even more diverse. But who knew that certain foods could cause human disease? food allergy It

Tomato juice is a good thing to drink every day.

 Tomato juice, a hot drink for health lovers. but if eaten together as a trend I’ll be bored soon Not against the fact that we know all the wonderful properties of tomatoes in full. Now we will be able to eat them for real. Benefits of tomato juice

I don’t want to lose to PM 2.5.

During the past week, the level of PM 2.5 dust has skyrocketed. It can cause many health problems. Whether it’s about the respiratory system, eyes and skin. How do we adapt in this situation to prevent health hazards  How dangerous is PM 2.5? PM 2.5 dust is a