What is plant based protein?

          Plant based protein or plant-based protein is a diet. That contains protein from vegetables, fruits. As well as mushrooms and various types of grains. and also a healthy food trend that helps reduce global warming. Reduce pollution to the environment along the way.

          In addition, plant based protein is also a food choice for people in many groups. Such as those who eat vegetarians, vegetarians, or the elderly who have difficulty chewing meat. Difficult to digest after eating can get protein from plants instead.UFABET

How is Plant based different from Vegan?

          As I said, the way of people who choose to eat Plant based will mostly focus on eating vegetables, which means “reducing” eating meat, but not “abstaining” or quitting eating meat. or animal products such as milk, butter, eggs, cheese, etc.

          But in part of the vegan way (Vegan) will abstain from eating meat. That is, not eating meat at all. and do not eat any food of animal origin Whether it’s eggs, milk, butter, cheese, gelatin, in addition to animal-based items. Such as bags, shoes, blankets, down pillows, any of these are vegan. Simply put, vegans are quite strict about eating. The use of meat in various forms rather than the way.