What is Home Isolation and what to do when infected with covid?

What is Home Isolation and what to do when infected with covid?

The current covid situation in Thailand causing Thailand to use Home Isolation measures to reduce congestion and add beds for critically ill patients Which is a principle that is used in many countries. Today, let’s get to know this system better. 

What is Home Isolation and what to do when infected with covid?

What is Home Isolation? The answer is : Isolation at home. 

Patients who received Home Isolation

  1. New patients waiting to be admitted to the hospital mild symptoms 
  2. Patients after being admitted to the hospital for 10 days. Until their symptoms improve and then isolate at home 

Patients entering the Home Isolation system will be under the supervision of physicians and volunteers. The consideration of accepting patients into this system is at the discretion of the physician. 

Admission Criteria for Home Isolation

  1. being infected asymptomatic 
  2. not over 60 years old 
  3. have good health 
  4. Alone or not with more than 1 person 
  5. Not obese (BMI < 30 kg /m2 or BW < 90 kg
  6. No co-morbidities such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease cerebrovascular uncontrollable diabetes 
  7. The people agree to isolate in their own accommodation

Patients in the Home Isolation system will receive care from hospitals and public health volunteers. both in terms of temperature measurement, blood oxygen measurement Management of three meals There is also an online examination. and must notify the medical team and the medical facility as soon as symptoms change.

One of the important tools for Home Isolation is blood oxygen measurement. Because it is a simple observation that help show how much has changed If the oxygen is less than 96%. It consider abnormal and should see a doctor immediately. This oxygen measurement is not only for patients. 

What patients in the Home Isolation system must do

  1. Do not allow people to visit the house at all. 
  2. Do not enter other people at least 2 meters.
  3. Separate rooms, bathrooms, personal belongings and open the air to circulate
  4. Do not eat together 
  5. Wear a hygienic mask all the time when you are not alone.
  6. Wash your hands with soap or alcohol gel whenever you need to touch things.
  7. Separate washing of clothes, towels and bedding.
  8. waste separation