Should I eat before exercise?

Should I eat before exercise?When it comes to eating pre-workout Will find that each person has a different way Some people choose to eat simple carbohydrate or protein foods. Like bread or bananas but some people choose not to eat anything (Fasted Cardio), which depends on individual preferences and physical condition. For example, some people may eat some food before exercise and feel fine. While some people may double their stomach ache within minutes. In this article, we’ll keep you updated on expert exercise nutrition tips and the latest research. To find out that Should I eat before exercise?

eat before exercise

Audra Wilson , RD, ufabet CSCS, a dietitian and expert in strength training and physical fitness improvement in athletes, says you should eat a pre-workout within hours. That’s because the body needs fuel for exercise. It is obtained from carbohydrates that the body stores in the liver and muscles to form glycogen. In addition, your nervous system and red blood cells use carbohydrates as their main energy. And when your body’s carbohydrates are low It will result in a decrease in your exercise performance.

In addition, exercise in a fasting state. It can lead to a loss of protein and muscle. Resulting in decreased exercise performance And resulted in significantly less fun of exercise.

Wilson says that if you leave your stomach for too long Until low blood sugar levels It can lead to irregular heartbeat, nervousness, confusion, vision problems. And may be unconscious in extreme cases.

why is fasting before exercise so popular? 

Most of the people who want to lose weight tend to use this method. Because it is thought that it will help in the process of burning fat more By understanding that when exercising while the body’s carbohydrates are low It increases the percentage of calories the body burns fat. Instead of metabolizing glycogen during exercise

eat before exercise

However, in reality, exercising on an empty stomach doesn’t work. Because of the burning of calories from fat in the percentage that increases. It’s not like burning all fat. Exercise while the body is full of glycogen and has normal blood glucose levels. It will help you burn more calories from exercise. Including burning more fat And if losing weight is your goal It is better to use this method.

For those who are unable to eat normally within a few hours of exercise, for example, some people exercise the first thing in the morning. And didn’t feel like eating breakfast immediately after waking up There is no need to force yourself to eat anything, with Wilson advising that if you will not eat anything. It provides exercise at a low intensity level. And if you feel dizzy or faint Stop exercising immediately And even if exercising without eating anything before eating Try to drink a glass of water before exercise. In addition, if possible, drink water at night before waking up to exercise. To help prevent dehydration.