Recommend 7 ways to quit smoking by yourself

Recommend 7 ways to quit smoking by yourself. If you want to change yourself into a new person or want to reward yourself with life? Shopback Blog recommends friends to choose to quit smoking first! Because there are good ways to quit smoking, such as how to quit smoking with lemon.  With exercise, etc. for people who smoke regularly. Probably enough to know that cigarettes Even though it’s a drug that doesn’t seem dangerous Can be easily purchased at general convenience stores. But it’s another one of the hardest things to quit in the first place.

Because cigarettes contain “nicotine” as the main ingredient. Take this nicotine when absorbed into the body It will make the body addictive. And the symptoms of wanting to get more and more nicotine It is therefore not surprising that Why do people who smoke Therefore, smoking is often held later. Whoever decides to quit, let’s see 7  ways to quit smoking by ourselves that we have brought together.

What’s in cigarettes, why are we addicted? 

 Cigarettes contain a substance called nicotine. There are many disadvantages of nicotine. both carcinogenic have high blood pressure bronchospasm And makes the skin look radiant, or in other words, it makes it aging faster. But even knowing this, I can’t quit smoking. because of the nicotine. Substances that will act on the brain system and nerves directly stimulate the brain secrete epinephrine (Epinephrine) and dopamine (Dopamine) come out, which helps to satisfy. cause relaxation Reduce irritability and discomfort including helping to cause sleepiness It also increases concentration. to have a short-term focus

This becomes the reason why people who are stressed, upset, or unable to work out. So find a way out by smoking. or use nicotine as an aid Even if it brings sickness,  Shopback has a help for anyone who’s planning. or want to quit smoking by yourself Including people who are already smoking with 7 ways to quit smoking By yourself easily, whether it is a way to quit smoking with lemon. or other methods That guarantees that in addition to good physical health It is also good for your mental health as well.

7 ways to quit smoking by yourself, easy to follow, real results


exercise It is the basic method for dissolving disease. including being one of How to quit smoking by yourself that I would like to recommend as well Because there is research from Dr. Adrian Taylor, professor of exercise and mental health. University of Exeter England came out that Just 5 minutes of exercise will help reduce the craving for cigarettes.

due to exercise It increases the levels of dopamine in the brain. as well as smoking. But in addition to exercise will increase happiness, reduce stress, make you feel relaxed. Those who exercise can still get good health as a profit.

In addition, people who exercise and the brain releases dopamine. It will increase happiness, reduce stress, resulting in less appetite. Therefore, exercise can help reduce appetite as well. If you want to quit smoking It is recommended to get up and exercise first.

Quit Smoking With Lemon

how to quit smoking with lemon How many people People may not know that the “lemon” can help quit. and reduce the desire to smoke Because lemons contain vitamin C (Vitamin C) to help reduce the craving for nicotine. including changing the taste of cigarettes when smoking

sour taste of lemon Affects the human lingual glands. When smoking, it has a dull taste. Until the craving for cigarettes is reduced to sure enough. This method is a method that has gained quite a bit of popularity. This method is also a method that is not dangerous as well.

How to quit smoking with lemon is not difficult to do. with a lemon deposit with peel in small pieces Carry it in the box When symptoms of smoking occur Try chewing the whole lemon slice slowly and you will see that the taste of cigarettes has changed. Not as delicious as it used to be!

self motivation

Although there are many helpers But if you lack motivation Ways to quit smoking by yourself. It may not be effective. Create motivation that you decide to quit smoking. What are the goals for, who are you doing it for, and if you have successfully quit smoking? What rewards will you give yourself?

but in fact smoking cessation It is considered a rewarding life. because in addition to helping with health You can also save a lot of money in your pocket. Because a pack of cigarettes is not cheap. At least a hundred baht If you smoke 5 packs a month, you can save hundreds.

If doing leisure activities

If asked about the main reasons of people who smoke You might be puzzled by the answer to that. “Nothing to do” because some people choose to pick up a cigarette and smoke in their spare time. while not knowing what to do as a hobby

before I knew it Smoking has become an indispensable daily activity. It is recommended that you try to find other activities to do. that won’t let you go back to having free time or reminiscing about smoking. How to quit smoking by yourself is no less interesting.

avoid spicy food

Who would have thought that eating spicy food The more salty foods. or too spicy Will result in more symptoms of wanting to smoke. Because it will stimulate the taste buds to make it more evident including red meat as well

On the contrary, when friends turn to eat fish or chicken with white meat. It will help reduce the urge to smoke. or less red meat consumption It is recommended to avoid eating foods containing meat. or reduce the seasoning to less

not near smokers

If you are someone who is quitting smoking or quit smoking. It is advisable not to be in an environment that motivates you to return to smoking. including not standing near people who smoke. Because of the smoke that you smell It may remind you of the taste of cigarettes. and cause symptoms of wanting to smoke more than before

But people who smoke for a long time You may not be used to the first few days of quitting smoking. Try to find a trip upcountry. or abroad Go to atmospheric places like the sea, national parks, or mountains to give your lungs a break. and inhale pure ozone. Gives the feeling of wanting to smoke less. Anyone who is bored, try this way to quit smoking by yourself.

drink clean water

The smoking method that we would like to recommend that certifies that anyone can easily follow By drinking clean water itself. Because in fact, water or clean water has properties to help cleanse the dirt or toxins in the body already. Therefore, drinking water in large quantities. It will help drive nicotine out of the body as well through urine and sweat.