let’s explore the different types of health protection masks

let’s explore the different types of health protection masks. There are a few tips for using a mask that I would like to leave, namely those who use a cloth mask. During this period, before leaving the house, you should carry another one in case of getting wet in the rain because a cloth mask can prevent COVID if it is dry. But if they get wet, a cloth mask will not prevent COVID at all. So prepare for one more, the best. For people who use disposable masks. Just leave it, do not use it again. Because the pathogens will return to the body more dangerous.

health protection masks

Now let’s explore the different types and efficacy of health protection masks. 

At the Institute for the Promotion of Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment (NRSA), they are compiled as follows:

1.Medical face mask: It can protect against viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, secretions from others.

Made of polypropylene plastic that is safe. Prevent bacteria or viruses from person to person up to 99%. Prevent dust. And pollen small 3 microns up to 66.37% (cannot prevent PM 2.5)

2. Carbon mask: can prevent virus. Bacteria, dust, pollen, secretions from others, odor filters

It does not differ from a medical mask. But it is even more special, it has a carbon layer that can filter out unwanted odors better. There are 4 layers of thick synthetic fibers that filter bacteria up to 95%, filter dust particles size up to 66.37% 3 microns (cannot prevent PM 2.5)

3.N95 mask: can prevent virus. Bacteria, dust, pollen, exudate, odor screening, dustproof PM 2.5 is made of polypropylene. More effective protection against very small pathogens than conventional masks. The N95 features completely cover the mouth and nose. Thus causing the virus to be unable to pass through. It is also effective in trapping small particles like PM 2.5 and PM 10 at least 95% (anti PM 2.5 to a very good level).

4. FFP1-FFP2 mask: prevent virus Bacteria, dust, pollen, screening, odor, dustproof PM2.5, have the same efficiency as N95 masks, able to prevent both PM2.5 dust and virus as well. Capable of detecting small particles PM2.5 and PM10 not less than 94%. In addition, it can prevent Chemical fume metal can as well (Prevent PM 2.5 very well).

5. Cloth mask: can prevent bacteria, dust, pollen, pollen, large mucus / saliva. Cloth mask has two types, the first is made of cotton. The second type is made of synthetic fibers stacked. Both types are used for dust protection. And prevent snot or saliva from coughing / sneezing, can filter large particles of dust. But cannot filter germs that are very small (cannot prevent PM 2.5 and viruses)

6. Sponge mask: It can prevent bacteria, dust, pollen. Made of polyurethane carbon. Especially used for air filtration. Can be washed and dried quickly. The least effective is Protects only small particles of dust. And pollen only (cannot prevent PM 2.5 and virus)