I don’t want to lose to PM 2.5.

During the past week, the level of PM 2.5 dust has skyrocketed. It can cause many health problems. Whether it’s about the respiratory system, eyes and skin. How do we adapt in this situation to prevent health hazards 

How dangerous is PM 2.5?

PM 2.5 dust is a small particulate matter. With a size smaller than 2.5 microns, or about 1 in 25 of the diameter of a hair. Due to its very small size, escapes filtering from the nose and can pass down to the alveoli when we breathe in the morning. causing inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract in and can enter the circulatory system and spread throughout the body In addition, in PM 2.5 dust is often found carcinogens. and dangerous heavy metals on it

Symptoms and effects.

Short-term: causes eye irritation, redness, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, allergy and asthma attacks. Makes pneumonia infections easier Dermatitis with itchy skin rash.
Long-term: worsening lung function. risk of respiratory disease, heart disease and stroke increase the risk of lung cancer premature aging skin

 How to deal.

  • Regularly monitor weather reports and levels.
  • Indoors or buildings should use an air purifier that can filter dust.
  • Wear a medical mask or wear an N95 mask when leaving your home or building.
  • Wear goggles, dust proof, and long sleeves.
  • Reduce the time spent outside the home / building, especially those with a high risk of PM 2.5, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, and patients with congenital diseases such as allergies, lung disease, heart disease, stroke. and chronic kidney disease
  • Avoid exercising outdoors.

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