How does Stockholm Syndrome originate?

How does Stockholm Syndrome originate? Stockholm Syndrome was first identified and named in 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden. When a bank robbery occurred and four robbers were held hostage cleared. The abducted hostage refused to testify. as well as raise money to support the perpetrators as well Since then, the victim’s sympathy or positive feelings towards the perpetrators have been called “the sympathetic behavior of the victim.” Stockholm Syndrome. It is possible that this type of relationship may have been around for a long time. But there is no clear definition or naming convention.

How does Stockholm Syndrome originate?

Currently, psychiatrists and psychologists still do not know the exact cause of the positive emotions of the victims of the violence occurred. But this may be due to the victim feeling the sympathy and compassion of the perpetrator through the care of the victim. Such as sharing food and water. Or the perpetrators acted in some ways to sympathize with the victims, leading to Stockholm Syndrome. But another group of experts believe the syndrome is a defense mechanism of the mind and brain. For the patient to cope and pass bad events those can go.

The characteristics of Stockholm Syndrome patients are the incidence of positive feelings and relationships towards those who hurt or oppress themselves. The feeling and believing that oneself and the perpetrators have the same goals. Also its belong to one another including negative feelings and refusal to cooperate with helpers such as friends, police or agencies that want to help.

Stockholm Syndrome may be closer than you think.

Given the origin of Stockholm Syndrome. Many see it as a rare condition. Being kidnapped or being held hostage isn’t easy. But if you compare Stockholm Syndrome to everyday life, you might find it closer than you think.

The basic concept of Stockholm Syndrome is that good feelings arise from relationships under oppression or abuse. In which oppression and violence are hidden problems in every society. For example , parents abuse children,   teachers oppress students. or coaches and athletes. By these violence and oppression may come in the form of words mayhem sexual harassment or the deprivation of certain rights in the victim. 

These things happen every day and may continue for long periods of time. Thus, it may add to the wounds and trauma both physically and mentally on the victim. But when the oppressor shows compassion. Even a small amount can cause the victim to feel the goodness and good intentions of the doer and eventually lead to attachment or love. Therefore, Stockholm Syndrome may not be such a distant thing.