How does beta-glucan benefit the immune system?

How does beta-glucan benefit the immune system? First of all, we should understand a little bit about the immune mechanism. The immune system is like an outpost of the body. When a foreign body such as a different substance or disease enters the body Or changes in cells from within Our immunity produces a special protein called antibody that fights infection or other disorders. And remain in the body to monitor for the next infection Even if we have weak immunity Foreign objects will easily enter. Illnesses occur frequently. As well as the body can still recover or recover slowly

How does beta-glucan benefit the immune system?

Not everyone has good immunity on a regular basis. 

Enhancing your immune system effectively with nutrients that are beneficial in this area like beta-glucan. It is an interesting option for people who do not have much time to take care of themselves. This is because beta-glucan affects the functioning of white blood cells, a key component in the immune system. From part of the research indicates that Beta-glucan has immune stimulating properties. 

In addition, an experiment was conducted in which healthy women consumed 250 grams of a beta-glucan yeast-based supplement for 12 weeks in a row. The flu subsided It may use as a guideline for enhancing immunity.

In addition, studies on female patients with breast cancer. After consuming 10 mg of yeast beta-glucan twice a day for 21 days, it found that beta-glucan has cancer-resistant properties associated with the activation of immune cells. This can use as an alternative or to help modulate the immune system during primary cancer treatment. But more in-depth studies of beta-glucan and cancers need in the future.

From the aforementioned features Beta Glucan may be used for enhancing the immune system. However, consumers interested in beta-glucan should wait for large-group and long-term research for definitive results. Which will benefit the body even more.