Foods that stimulate the preparedness of athletes

               Foods that stimulate the preparedness of athletes. Being a good athlete, be it a runner or a triathlon, is What is important is not just physical training. But also depends on the preparation for the competition Starting from getting enough sleep Drinking water and warming up the body. Including eating foods that stimulate the body before the start of the race. The list of foods that stimulate the body along with the competition are as follows.

Foods that stimulate the preparedness of athletes

  1. Water 

    Drinking adequate water It is very important to athletes. Because water is an important element for the body Therefore, drinking enough water will Keeps the body healthy and fresh. It also helps along with exercise that requires a great loss of body water during the competition.
  2. Carbohydrate foods During the competition, food should not be overcrowded. But if hunger strikes Should be supplemented with carbohydrate foods. Instead, it should be carbohydrates with high GI or high fiber carbohydrates such as fruit, baked ufabet corn, mashed potatoes or bananas. Because it will reduce the flatulence during the competition.

  3. Caffeinated drinks Drinks such as coffee or black tea are good for athletes. Which will help to make a great rejuvenation Eating a beverage containing 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine approximately 90 minutes before a match will help keep the nervous system and brain fully awake.
  4. Chocolate milk is another very essential drink for athletes. Because not only keeps the body rejuvenated but also gives the body energy. The more it is eaten with carbohydrate foods, the more it allows the body to use to make glycogen. Which is a substance that gives energy to muscles This will help the muscles recover and reduce inflammation that occurs during the competition.
  5. Sugar-containing beverages Because drinking this kind of drink will Keeps the body feeling fresh. Immediately from the energy of the sugar received But there should not be too much sugar in it. In most cases, sugar should be 5%. Take small but frequent sips to prevent colic so tight that you can no longer compete.

You can see that preparing your body before a race

Whether it is a running, triathlon or cycling race. However, that is very important. Because in addition to helping to generate the energy required during the race It is also essential for the functioning of the nervous system and brain that requires constant alertness during the competition. This includes the nutrients necessary for the recovery of the body and muscles after the race. Which these things are necessary for almost all types of athletes In order to create a good chance of winning as well.