Food For People Blood Type B Customized

Food For People Blood Type B Customized. Many people may have heard of eating foods suitable for their blood type. which is believed to deliver healthy outcomes for the adherents. So we’ve put together some foods to eat and avoid for people with Blood Type B in this article.

Food For People Blood Type B Customized

Before starting to adjust the ingredients in the meal to suit their blood type. Must know first that the concept of eating according to blood type that originated from an alternative physician It is believed that the food eaten each day will have a chemical reaction on the blood type. If eating the right food The body will digest food well. weight loss have more strength and resistant to various illnesses, but this concept still needs to be studied for its benefits in the future. To increase the safety for consumers as much as possible, especially those who are interested in eating to prevent disease or patients with congenital diseases

Foods that people with blood type B should eat and should avoid

People with type B blood are said to be able to eat a variety of foods, including meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Here are some additional examples: 

  • Assorted fruits and greens, salad greens, cucumbers or carrots. 
  • meat like beef except chicken and pork animal organs such as liver
  • Eggs, low-fat milk or dairy products such as certain cheeses
  • Seafood  such as shrimp, crab, shellfish, tuna, salmon, etc. 

However, even people with blood type B can choose to eat either vegetarian or protein-rich meat. But there are foods that should be avoided as well. 

  • chicken 
  • pork 
  • corn 
  • wheat 
  • peanut
  • tomato
  • sesame seeds 

Although the results after eating a blood type diet tend to be favorable in a number of people. But there is no scientific evidence linking blood type and diet for sure. Therefore, it cannot be said whether this concept is effective or not. Or is it because of other factors that promote good health? In addition, each person has different dietary guidelines suitable for their physical condition, for example, they may be consuming protein as the main. While your friend may need to eat more fruits and vegetables to be healthier