Fasting before exercise How bad is it ??

 Fasting before exercise How bad is it ?? With the idea of ​​losing weight and want to lose weight quickly .Therefore choosing a method Fasting before exercise Along with exercise Let me tell you that … that’s how wrong idea. Because fasting is not to hand any body fatigue and symptoms are as follows:  ? ?

  Lack of nutrients in 5 groups

(Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fat) All parts of the body are weakened. Because there are no materials for the repair Strengthen oneself. I repeat that every part of the body From hair, head, skin, face, chest, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, gut, nails, intimate areas are all weakened.

  Lack of energy from food

(It comes from carbohydrates, mainly fat) that makes you feel weak because your body has no energy to do anything. The body will automatically reduce the metabolism. When multiple Once it gets used to the body. It gets used to the lower metabolic level, which becomes normal for the body. It is called laziness.

Fasting before exercise

  No food falls to the stomach causing the gastric juice in the stomach to digest the stomach surface.

It causes stomach ulcers or gastritis that From the beginning, it was just a person who wanted to lose weight. A sick person who wants to lose weight already.

  No food and dietary fibers move through the digestive tract.

(Small intestine, large intestine) causes no intestinal peristalsis, which causes food to move through the digestive system for a long time. It leads to a weak digestive health and less power to excrete. Will bully cause constipation Now, while fasting, not eating the new food into your mouth, and still refusing to take out the old thing, I’m constipated.

  Low blood sugar levels Because there are no carbohydrates

(Flour, Sugar,ufabet) In addition to exhaustion, fatigue, it also makes the brain stimulate the body to feel hungry again to remind you to eat food and then you will be exhausted. That will make you feel more hungry after fasting and will not be able to control yourself.