Dont Re-wear the mask

Dont Re-wear the mask ! Re-wear the mask The danger of silence is severe to life! Not long ago There is news that has been shared online about the patient having a blood infection, shock, unconsciousness and almost death due to re- wearing a mask.

Dont Re-wear the mask

The story arose from having a retired patient admitted to the hospital due to bloodstream infections. The doctor concluded that Infected with Gram-negative bacteria, lungs are damaged and the infection enters the bloodstream Because wearing the mask repeatedly 4-5 times, this time let’s see how much this is going to be.

Dont Re-wear the mask.The problem started with Re-wear the mask 

If wearing the mask repeatedly Then have the opportunity to ingest bacteria from the environment to our body In addition, it was also experimented with cultivating from worn masks. It was found that the side in contact with the body was more infectious than the outward-facing side. But most of the infection is already on our own. And if we have good immunity These infections will not be able to do anything harm.

However, there is research that makes the period 2013-2018, the period when people do not have to wear face masks. It was found that bacteria from the upper respiratory tract (nose, etc.) if they fall into the end respiratory system. Can cause cancer and pneumonia.

For the issue of lung damage due to infection with Gram-negative bacteria. 

Most of the time, lung infections are caused by gram-positive bacteria. But there are research reports published in Chulalongkorn Medical Substance. Said the lungs could also be infected by gram-negative bacteria. Especially in people with weak immunity.

Which from the research results were found that Most of the time, the lungs are infected with gram-negative bacteria. It comes from gram-negative bacteria in the digestive tract. When choking occurs in the oral cavity And the immune system in the mouth and throat is not strong, allowing this type of bacteria to travel to the respiratory system. Will cause lung infection.

In the case of this retired patient It is possible that the mask contains gram-negative bacteria. Or suffers from choking while wearing a mask. Causing the lungs to get infected And spread into the bloodstream Which, if not treated in time, may cause death.

Symptoms that often occur in infected patients 

including high fever, chills,  coughing, shortness of breath and inhalation pain.  Although similar to the common cold But the infected lungs are not sore throat, there is no runny nose.

As for the symptoms of infection in the bloodstream. A fever higher than 38 degrees Celsius or body temperature below 36 degrees Celsius, rapid pulse, rapid breathing, some people may shock, unconscious.

From this case, we can see that just put on the mask again. May cause death. Therefore, we should not wear a mask repeatedly. Because not just in this case But may cause various diseases Can go up many more Because we do not know what bacteria that are wearing the mask that lives.