Behavior modification techniques for hardworking people

Adjusting work habits can be difficult for many people who work hard as a habit. Therefore, it may begin to adjust gradually by using these methods.

  • prioritize tasks By jotting down your daily to-do list on a notepad or mobile phone. that you can clearly see. and sort the work according to the importance of the task. This should start the most urgent and important work first.
  • Keep your work and life time clear, such as not checking your email or taking unnecessary phone calls about work after work hours. This will reduce the stress of part-time work and allow us to spend more time relaxing.
  • Schedule breaks during work Long hours of continuous work often leave you feeling aches and pains. getting up, walking, changing posture. And go out for lunch instead of eating at your desk. It will help you get back to work more vigorously and efficiently.
  • Take care of yourself regularly by eating nutritious food. regular exercise. Take time to relax on weekends. Such as doing your favorite hobbies. Spend time with family and meet up with friends, etc.
  • Relaxation , stress with favorite activities. such as meditation, yoga, and journaling on how you feel each day. 
  • should refrain from smoking Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and caffeine. especially before bedtime Because it may make it harder to sleep.
  • Speak clearly to your supervisor or HR when there is a problem at work, such as being assigned too many tasks or tasks that are too difficult for you to perform. making it impossible to deliver the work as scheduled This may affect colleagues or organizations, for example.

Hard work not only hurts your job duties and relationships with others. But it can be a detrimental factor for physical and mental health in the long run. Balanced work and life time management And prioritization of tasks to help you work pretty effectively without health. If stress , anxiety  or sleep problems. You should consult your doctor for proper advice.