7 benefits from a napping

7 benefits from a napping. although time was like money, and this is why humans are the only animals that sleep only once each day, that is, at night. But we probably noticed that the dog and cat will sleep during the day. Several times a day This means that these animals must already know that napping is definitely beneficial.

benefits from a napping

Here are 7 reasons why you should take a nap during the day.

1. People who are tired often crave fried foods full of fat, crave unhealthy foods, and get enough sleep to help them lose weight.

2.Napping will improve your ability to concentrate And makes it easier to remember something

3. We’ll be more diligent after a nap.

4. Getting enough sleep can help maintain the growth of young adults.

5.Napping lowers the risk of heart disease and heart attack.

6.Napping improves mood (Lack of sleep will make us frustrated)

7. Taking short rest with a nap It will help us relax and help reduce stress levels.

How to take a nap correctly

benefits from a napping

1. Choose the right time Taking a nap during the day or afternoon will help give us energy. But if we take a nap in the late afternoon or almost the evening It will cause disturbances to sleep at night.

2. Drink coffee before taking a nap during the day. It takes 20 minutes for the body to get the results of getting caffeine. Therefore it is best to drink coffee before taking a nap. When I wake up, it will be energized from drinking coffee just right.

3. Take a nap as comfortable as possible. If we’re home workers, it’s easy to take a nap during the day. We can go to bed. Or if you go to work at a company and there is a room where employees can take naps, use that room. But if you don’t have one, take a nap at your desk. (To lie down with the arms crossed, head, or may lean on a chair), listening to ufabet music will help to relax more. Especially if there is noise.

4. Make your blood pump Sometimes we get tired after taking a nap because our blood pressure drops. To improve blood flow, we may drink water mixed with lemon juice or do a little exercise such as going up and down the stairs, stretching the muscles. It is another way to help your heart beat faster.