6 TIPS conquer memory

What is amnesia?

6 TIPS conquer memory. Amnesia is a condition in which the brain begins to impair memory. Although they are not as dangerous as other serious diseases, they have a profound effect on daily life.

conquer memory

1. Keep things in order.    Keep things in an area that can be easily seen or walked through on a regular basis.

2. Work Breakdown  Manage it step by step Split them into smaller sections to make them easier and better remembering.

3.Try doing the same thing many times, as repeating your chances of saving and retrieving it later. It may sound out loud when reading or thinking.

4. Always find new activities to do,   put yourself in a learning situation and stimulate your mind to remember. Keep your brain and mind clean.

5. Socialize regularly. Stimulate good memory Research found Regular social interaction stimulates the mind to remember.

6. Set reminders manually.   We can see that most of them prefer to place notes at different points, such as in front of a mirror in the bathroom or on the door as a reminder. But nowadays we have technology with us. We can set a reminder on the mobile phone in another way.

In addition, we also have a great meal to help increase your memory.

  1. Fish, especially deep sea fish such as salmon, tuna
  2. Berries such as strawberries and cherries.
  3. Eggs develop and nourish the brain as well.
  4. Spinach, especially organically grown spinach No chemical residue
  5. Whole grains such as sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds.
  6. Legumes, such as almonds, peanuts, macamea
  7. Chocolate stimulates the brain. Contains antioxidants that help the circulatory system
  8. Carrots will stimulate the brain to function rapidly. Eat carrots fresh once a week.
  9. Apple If you drink about 2 glasses of apple juice a day or eat 2-3 apples a day will help you remember. And increase the memory efficiency of the brain
  10. Ginkgo Biloba, a medicinal plant used to treat dementia, depression, forgetfulness

However That we will have good health and memory. It requires exercise. Nourish the brain by eating ufabet healthy foods. Eat all 5 groups to get rid of stress, anxiety, or even depression. Which is a side effect of brain damage All affect memory problems To conquer good memories You can do it at any age.