5 Truth of Love

5 Truth of Love That will make the love relationship last longer. The truth of love is to know and understand. Knowing the possibilities that can happen, as well as the truth of life that comes to life, life is hurt and death, everything depends on time So if you want your own love to last more Let’s take a look at the truth of love that you should know below.

5 Truth of Love That will make the love relationship last longer

1. Love comes with time.
When the truth of love is like the truth of life Love also comes with time, when it comes to life, old, hurt and death, it can have a normal beginning and ending love. Which if you can understand the beginning and the good goodbye Accept everything that can happen and not be hurt when too much love is lost. You will be able to live longer with love.

2. Can be both a friend and lover
When you know that love will come with time. The next thing you should know is how to be both your friend and lover at the same time. So as not to make love fade away So when you need a friend and when you want someone you love. You should know the timing and adjust yourself. Some distance away Live a life like a friend And like a lover from time to time Will definitely help make this love last longer without being bored.

3. Love with brain and heart

When there is love at the heart, it must be used in conjunction with the brain. True love is to think and analyze correctly. Not only falling in love with the heart Until it becomes a trap for both you and your lover Until it may lead to a more easy breakup

4. True love is understanding.
True love is to understand each other. It is not the possession or dominance of just one party. So what you should know is that love must be known to let go. If the time comes when love is over, then you should understand and part But holding back does not make love go on. But it may also cause more cracks and end up in more pain.

5. Needs are not conditions of love.
Even if love comes with a need But that’s not the main condition. If there is love without wanting too much in bed Then can make your partner live happily so it will be considered a good love. But if the condition of love depends on the subject in the bed that is too high That may not be true love anymore. But became just a personal need

You just need to learn the truth of love well and understand a lot. When you have to find happy love, you will never let your heart be happy as much as you used to, and when faced with a breakup or suffering, you will certainly not suffer so much that it hurts yourself. Along with being understandably making love last longer.