5 Secret tips to train your brain to be active

Brain training is a way to improve thinking processes and cognitive skills that help keep your brain active. Although the brain can develop and change throughout life. But when people get older The functioning of various organs, including the brain, will deteriorate. Therefore, training your brain is a great way to improve your memory and your ability to think or make decisions every day effectively.

5 Secret tips to train your brain to be active

The brain is made up of many nerve cells that help regulate the functions of various systems. It is responsible for controlling the functions of the senses. Hormone production, respiration, and blood pressure. The brain therefore has a great effect on the expression of thoughts, emotions, and physical movements. and decision. Training your brain to be active will improve your performance and prevent premature brain degeneration.

Techniques to train your brain to be quick

Training your brain to stay alert and quick It will help us to calculate, make decisions and perform activities in our daily life effectively. These methods may help train your brain to be more powerful and quicker.

play jigsaw

Jigsaw puzzles allow players to practice problem-solving skills. Analytical thinking connects well, memory, and patience. Using only a jigsaw puzzle that is easily available, inexpensive and without the need for additional equipment. It’s also a game that can be played alone or with friends. Therefore, it is an activity that helps train both the brain and thinking skills of children and adults as well.

learn new languages 

Learning a new language can increase knowledge, train memory, practice spatial thinking skills. and also practice reading, listening and communicating at the same time. It was found that those who can speak two or more languages ​​fluently Will have the ability to think or work on many things at the same time effectively. And prevents forgetfulness as we age may be a symptom of the disease of Alzheimer ‘s.

Exercise and move your body.

Exercising will not only help you stay healthy and strong. It also helps develop the brain to be more efficient as well. Exercise will help blood flow to the brain better. and increase the size of the hippocampus of the brain (Hippocampus) directly responsible for long-term memory.

One of the exercises that help train the brain well. The dance is composed of rhythmic music such as jazz or Zumba  ( the Zumba ) because it helps keep the body active. Practice the skill of rhythmic music and gestures. And it may help you to make more new friends.

listen to music or play music

Music not only prevents memory loss. But there are several studies that show the benefits of music, such as the use of music therapy  to restore physical and emotional health. Reduce stress and anxiety Therefore, it is useful for the treatment of dementia patients. Parkinson’s Disease and Stroke.

It was also found that children who attended music lessons and practiced playing music regularly Will have better reading and speaking abilities. Adults who want to start playing music can also learn. They may choose to learn piano, guitar or other instruments of interest to allow their brain to practice new skills further.

Travel on new routes 

Traveling will stimulate brain activity. help inspire creativity It also allows you to learn different cultures and practice communication skills when visiting new places, thereby increasing the efficiency of your brain.