4 risk causes of depression The imminent threat of the digital age

4 risk causes of depression The imminent threat of the digital age. Depression can occur during the life of a person from a low level. Reach a level that affects everyday life As with other physical diseases. Such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure. Even with the world today We are surrounded by data sets and communicate through each other online. Until it is an organ in life Which the state of social media addiction is another The imminent threat of the digital age. That cause the state of depression, stress, anxiety, ADHD and bipolar disorder as well. Because of long-time focus on social media Making it less time to rest And often the emotions compare themselves to the stories that others present themselves. 

From the statistics of the World Health Organization found that More than 300 million working-age people suffer from depression and 260 million people suffer from anxiety. Which affects the economy up to 1 billion USD per year It is also expected that worldwide will cost The depression crisis exceeds $ 16 trillion by 2030.

4 risk causes of depression

Although depression (Major Depressive Disorder or Depressive Episode) is an illness. That could arise from any cause such as disappointment, loss or incident. Affecting the psychological severity But that doesn’t mean Patients with depression Will be a person who is incompetent or weak But patients with depression are psychiatric disease. Caused by three factors: body, mind and society. If we cannot balance these three parts Is at risk of getting sick as well More importantly, depressed people will have a sad mood unlike general people. Which requires medical treatment from a specialist

causes of depression

1. Biological cause

Biological or physical factors include heredity and the balance of certain chemicals in the brain. Or some physical disease, such as thyroid disease, which depression is a common psychiatric disorder. That can be inherited By the rate of transmission from parent to child That is about 10-15 percent. Although not much, there are many studies trying to identify the responsible bean. Including the abnormal position on the chromosome by factors that stimulate heredity to switch on and cause disease, such as severe stress conditions, for example, a patient who had been severely physically assaulted, was raped due to violent events causing severe nerve damage to the patient. there Even though the events have passed for a long time But neurotransmitters Lost balance Is often difficult to return pictures.

causes of depression

Another factor that can lead to depression is another. Chronic stress conditions, including stories in which the patient has accumulated stress for a long time. Whether it is small or large, such as the environment in which we are in deterioration over a long time. Workplace pressure Economic downturn for a long time and so on

2. Psychological causes

Psychological or psychological factors include consciousness and subconscious mind. By information from the book of depression written by Dr. ufabet 

“The accepted psychological causes are not much to do with parenting anyway. The most recognized psychological causes today are disorders of perception and understanding of the environment. That is to say, the patient has automatic thinking. To perceive and understand the negative environment in 3 areas: negative self-view, negative self-view and negative future outlook “

3. Sociological causes

Dr. Prasert Print output Explains the sociological factors that cause depression That negative auto-thought series will also spread to social spaces, for example, seeing cars don’t stop people crossing the street. Invite you to know that society is not good Which is a misinterpretation Where the automatic mindset is matching one subject to another Without reason that is good enough to accommodate There are several possible causes for automatic thought sets.

Like the upbringing of parents Raising children in an attitude that makes them feel that they are doing something wrong or not good enough Will adversely affect the self development of self and self esteem development Refers to the idea of ​​knowing what you can and what you can do and when your self and self esteem are damaged. When an adverse event occurs Patients are more likely to associate those adverse events with their own non-matters. Over time, the resulting vicious cycle will cycle infinitely. Until knowledge The understanding of all circumstances around the patient is completely negative.

4. Psychoanalytic cause

When the baby was born The world has no such thing as a mother. During the first 3 years, babies learn to be one with their parents. Later, babies become one life and parents are another. Between 3-6 months, and after 6 months, the baby is very dependent on the mother. Especially breast milk

And when children are getting older A mother’s patience for her child may also have some frustrations or anger. For example, a child grits his breast with his teeth or crying non-stop. This is the time when babies recognize that there are two kinds of mothers: good and bad. The baby uses the most crude and ancient psychoanalytic mechanisms of psychoanalysis. Separate the good and bad mothers into two before eliminating the bad mom from the inside. In the conscious mind Just wait for the time to come up with future depression.